Founder & Managing Director

Glenn G. Baker is a graduate of Hartwick College, and holds an MBA in International Business and Entrepreneurship from Thunderbird, School of Global Management. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.

In the mid-late’90s, Glenn G. Baker served as Director of Finance for a Life Science Venture Capital firm. During his tenure, Mr. Baker developed the firm’s Consulting Department. In 1998, he founded Globe Matrix Consulting as a spin-off of the Consulting Department.

The initial focus of Globe Matrix Consulting was in providing accounting/finance services to incubators/start-ups funded by Venture Capital firms. Services soon expanded, with Mr. Baker serving as Interim Director of Finance for several reputable Venture Capital firms.  He has also worked extensively with US-based companies with European operations, and on international mergers and system implementation projects.

As a result, Mr. Baker has a wealth of experience in Venture Capital, and has worked closely with a number of start-ups and entrepreneurs. He regularly builds sophisticated, interactive Financial Models that enable better decision-making at the executive level.

Mr. Baker enjoys applying his unique business and finance knowledge with his extensive formal training to help clients improve their financial operations.

Managing Director

Manaswi Sharma (Mozart of Excel) is a graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management (MBA 2006), and also holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Ohio State. He is an alumnus of blue chip corporate institutions like Bain & Company and UPS, but has shifted his focus in the recent years to small, entrepreneurial companies. Manaswi currently runs his own consulting practice, Vector-Scale, which he founded in early 2010.

Manaswi started his career as an Industrial Engineer at UPS and spent 4 impactful years in the company’s hub and package operations. One of the major projects that he led involved creating detailed operational plans and financial models for consolidating 2 UPS hubs. After his MBA from MIT Sloan, where his focus was on Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurship, Manaswi joined Bain & Company, where he worked on Strategy projects for Fortune 500 clients across a variety of industries.

While possessing a very deep understanding for business operations and strategy, Manaswi also has ninja skills in modeling in excel. Projects have involved creating bottoms up valuation models for startups and spinouts, developing Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management Systems, and working with early stage ventures to get them to the funding stage.

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Andrew Clapp, Managing Partner of Arctaris Capital Partners

To enhance functionality, design and strategy of financial models, Globe Matrix Consulting regularly gets input from Andy, who wears a ‘Green Visor’ when reviewing the models.

Andy brings 30 years of experience within private equity. Andy previously co-founded Brook Venture Partners, which managed Brook Venture Fund I, Brook Venture Fund II (a $100 million SBIC Fund), and Brook Co-Investment, LP (collectively, the “Brook Funds”), where he was a partner for 13 years until January 2009 when he left to launch Arctaris.

He is engaged in all aspects of  fund management and additionally was responsible for the administration and finance activities at the Brook Funds.

His prior experience includes his own entrepreneurial publishing venture which he managed for 11 years and sold to a division of Thompson Group; management consulting; corporate management with a Fortune 1000 company; and trans-Atlantic investment banking.

Andy is a graduate of Clarkson University (BS) and Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College (MBA).

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